Care and Wear of Wooden Jewelry and Accessories


With proper care and storage, wooden jewelry and accessories are durable and last for years. At the same time, it should be remembered that wood is a soft natural material (compared to, for example, metal or gemstones). Wood can more easily dent or scratch so wooden jewelry should be stored with care and worn mindfully. If the finishing wears off or scratches, pieces can be re-finished so that the life of the jewelry is prolonged for years again.


The finishing of the products resists water but pieces should not be submerged or worn in the shower, sauna or while swimming. If a piece of wooden jewelry or accessory gets wet, it is advisable to dry it with a soft cloth. Avoid using spray products (e.g. hairspray, perfumes, oils and mosquito repellent) when wearing wooden products. Chemicals on the sprays may smear the surface of the products and leave a permanent marks on the finishing. It’s best to do your hair, makeup and other things before putting the jewelry or accessories on.


Cleaning of the products can be done with a soft damp cloth. Use of cleaning chemicals or scratchy cloths should be avoided.


Wooden jewelry and accessories should be stored away from the sun and sources of heat (e.g. radiators or ovens). When traveling, make sure that the piece of jewelry does not clang against other items in your purse or bag. It is preferable for wooden jewelry to travel with you in a small bag or the box provided.


If the product's surface is scratched, then the finishing can be redone. Refinishing costs 10 € per piece of item (+ mailing costs). Each piece of jewelry includes a product card and refinishing voucher. The voucher is good for one free refinishing.

It is preferable to send me the jewelry properly packed in the original box. Remember to send the refinishing voucher with the product! I will do the refinishing and send the piece of jewelry back to you within 7-12 days. 

If there are bigger dents in the jewelry, the possible repair (or change into new jewelry) will be discussed on a case-by-case basis