Mika Kareinen, a wood artisan from Joensuu/Finland. 

I have always loved wood as a material. It's beautiful, soft, warm and versatile. You can make beautiful jewelry, unique furniture as well as long lasting log houses from it.

I started making different kind of wood products as early as in primary school. Finally, in the year 2013, I had an honor of graduating to my dream profession: wood artisan. Now I handmake wooden jewelry and accessories that I finish with patience and care.

A starting point for the design of my products is durability and suitability for the customer. As an artisan I love to see when products I have handmade find the right customer and bring joy for years to come.


Currently I am working for a Finnish wood workshop called Puuartisti Oy. We create anything custom ordered from wood, be it wooden furniture, interiors or decor. 

Read more from the webpage of Puuartisti and request for quotation.