Leimu Wooden Jewelry and Accessories

Leimu (“flamey”) wooden accessories (jewelry, belt buckles and cufflink) display the grains of wood and rich coloration to make the them blaze in different colours. In the colours of these pieces you can find sunsets, the dancing of the Northern Lights, the depths of ocean, colors of autumn foliage, a variety of corals, violet nights, flames of fire as well as the lushness of the forest. These stylish and versatile pieces reflect the beauty of wood and colourful phenomena found in nature.


Wood is a warm, earthy and inviting material. You can make large dashing accessories from it that is still lightweight and pleasant to wear. The exact material of this jewelry is chosen with care and it’s from the forests of Finland and in particular North Karelia. Leimu accessories are made from curly birch, burls, flame maple and flame birch. The unique grain of the wood guarantees that no two pieces of accessories are alike.


Leimu wooden accessories are handmade in Joensuu, Finland. Finished surface is made by wood turning. It's a traditional technique to work with wood requiring great skill and practice. This jewelry reflects traditional woodworking and modern design suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasions.


Each piece of accessory is delivered in a box useful for gifts and safe-keeping. Pendants also come with a leather necklace with metal clasp. Earrings include stoppers: silicone for hook earrings and metal ones for stud earrings.

Maintenance of the Jewelry

Wooden accessories are long-lasting and stays dazzling for years when cared for and stored properly. Wooden pendants and earrings can be refinished if they are scratched or have small dents.


Leimu accessories are available in different types, shapes and colors. There's also difference in materials. Readymade products can be bought from the online store.

In addition to "stock" models, I make custom products. You can order unique pieces or even larger quantities for business gifts.